Victron Energy 150V 45 A MPPT Charge Controllers
Victron Energy 150V 45 A MPPT Charge Controllers
Victron Energy 150V 45 A MPPT Charge Controllers
Victron Energy 150V 45 A MPPT Charge Controllers

Victron Energy 150V 45 A MPPT Charge Controllers

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The Victron Energy 45A MPPT Charge Controller is an excellent addition to many solar installations. With high efficiency and low power draw, you can be assured that your solar array is providing the maximum amount of energy for your use at all times.

General Features:

  • Ultra-fast MPPT ensures that your batteries are provided the maximum charge possible at all times, even in times of partial shading or unusual temperatures.
  • Extensive safety features to prevent any damage to your installation.
  • High efficiency and low power draw to provide the most power possible for your use.
  • Automatically selects optimal battery voltage from three options, convenient and flexible for many battery and solar setups.
  • 8 pre-programmed charge algorithms included to provide optimal charging for many different types of battery. Can be switched between with just the turn of a single switch.
  • Quiet operation from the usage of passive cooling.
  • Mobile integration allows you to monitor the power output and battery charge of your solar installation conveniently on your mobile device.

The Victron Energy 150/45 MPPT charge controller provides the bridge between a photovoltaic array and the batteries to absorb the electricity provided. The charge controller ensures your batteries are charged consistently in many different solar conditions and prevents energy from being wasted. This specific product boasts high efficiency (98% at peak!), multiple settings for different voltages, battery types and operates quietly, all without pulling much power for itself. Automatic voltage selection makes installation simple and convenient for many different types of battery and solar setups.  This charge controller can also be monitored from a mobile application and integrated with the Victron Color control GX integrated monitoring system, allowing you to check the status of your entire solar installation all at once.



  • EN/IEC 62109-1

  • UL 1741

  • CSA C22.2 NO.107.1-16

  • Conforms to ISO 9001 standards

    Technical Specifications:

    • Length: 185mm (7.2 in)
    • Width: 250mm (9.8 in)
    • Height: 95mm ( 3.7 in)
    • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
    • Accepted battery voltages: 12 / 24 / 48V Auto Select (software tool needed to select 36V, Sold separately. Look for Victron energy VE direct bluetooth or USB dongle for BlueSolar model. SmartSolar model comes with Bluetooth integration.)
    • Rated charge current:  45 amps
    • Maximum PV input power at 12V: 650W
    • Maximum PV input power at 24V: 1300W
    • Maximum PV input power at 48V: 2600W
    • Maximum PV open circuit voltage: 150V absolute maximum coldest conditions,   145V start-up and operating maximum
    • Maximum efficiency: 98%
    • Self-consumption:10 mA
    • Charge voltage 'absorption' on Default setting: 14,4 / 28,8 / 43,2 / 57,6V (adjustable through software tool)
    • Charge voltage 'float' at Default setting: 13,8 / 27,6 / 41,4 / 55,2V (adjustable)
    • Charge algorithm:  multi-stage adaptive MPPT
    • Temperature compensation:   -16 mV per degree °C resp. -32 mV per degree °C
    • Protection:  Battery reverse polarity (fuse, not user accessible) and PV reverse polarity / Output short circuit / Over temperature protections
    • Operating temperature range:  -30 to +60°C (full rated output up to 40°C)
    • Maximum Humidity:   95%, non-condensing
    • Data communication port and remote on-off  for Bluesolar model through VE.Direct, sold separately.  Bluetooth integration for SmartSolar model.
    • Parallel operation:  Yes (not synchronized)
    • Colour: Blue
    • PV output terminals (Comes from PV to controller) :   Two 35 mm² / AWG2 (both models sold on this site)
    • Battery input terminals (Goes from controller to battery) :  35 mm²
    • Protection category:  IP43 (electronic components), IP22 (connection area)

    Technical Data Sheets:

     If you have any questions or concerns about these solar panels, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to call us at 1-800-917-9113 or email us at Have a great day!


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