Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to Solar Panels Free Shipping, your number one source for affordable, high quality photovoltaic panels. We offer free shipping on all products and are committed to providing top solar products at low costs, to help spread the word about renewable energy while lowering the usually high cost of entering this field.

Solar is growing in popularity, and as a renewable and sustainable energy resource, that’s a good thing. In fact, California is now requiring its new homes to be equipped with solar panels. This is a great step forward, and many states may be following suit in the future.

However, today’s solar can come with some unforeseen costs, and many solar companies often allow you to purchase a solar installation with little or no money down, then force you to commit to long term loans which are actually liens on your home. It’s basically a second mortgage. 

When you want to sell your home down the road, this can cause some serious problems as you need to convince your buyer to take on the costs of an additional second “solar mortgage.” If you cannot get the buyer interested in taking your second home lien, you have to pay off the remainder of these substantial costs at closing. 

While solar panels can eventually save you money by freeing you from your local power company, it can take some time (as much as 15 to 20 years) to see that return on your investment if you’re tied to a long term solar loan. This is due primarily to the massive margins that these zero down solar companies make. These companies also typically offer warranties that expire before you really see any return on your investment. So, if your solar panels fail before you’ve finished paying for them, the only ones really saving any money are the companies that hold your “solar mortgage”. While it’s still great for the planet, it’s not so great for your pocketbook.

Our goal at Solar Panels Free Shipping is to save the planet while also saving you money. Our photovoltaic panels are reliable, high performance products with a guaranteed warranty at the lowest possible prices, so you can start earning a return on your investment in a couple of years, without being stuck in a long term loan contract that will suck away your money and potentially prevent you from seeing any savings on your solar investment. No liens, no “solar mortgage”, just more renewable energy and more money in your pocket.